3 in 1 Multi functional Cleaning Brush Countertop Silicone Scraper Brush

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3 in 1 Multi functional Cleaning Brush, Kitchen Bathroom Counter top Floor Window Silicone Cleaning Brush, Crevice Brush Scraper Brush, Cleaning Brush for Bathroom Shower Mirrors and Car Windows Kitchen Counter tops Feature: One-piece molding: This three-in-one multi functional brush adopts one- piece molding process, and the brush silk does not fall off. The elastic bristles and fine teeth of the comb can clean the dead corner of the kitchen. TPR brush head: This cleaning brush has hundreds of soft round heads, fine workmanship, rounded corners and texture, which can wash every corner, and has strong detergent without damaging the surface coating. Dry function: There is a scraper on one side of the brush, which can easily remove the wall stains and keep the wall clean. Small bangs on the brush head: A small brush head is designed at the other end of the brush head, which can quickly remove dirt from the corner gap. Easy to clean: just wipe it several times and rinse it with water. This brush is equipped with hanging holes for easy storage, keeping the space clean and draining.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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